Tuesday, October 1, 2019



  1. Tahniah. Best video. Eye opener for all self proclaimed champions of Islam. Remember Superficiality breeds Hypocrisy. Look for substance than form


    1. It sure looks like MCA's seat at Tg Piai will be wrestled off by a new MCA, ie. Melayu Chauvinist Activist aka Umno with the blessing of Pas Piss Puss.

      My oh my...it is so damn bloody absurd while the international community, particularly the Muslim world, admires Tun's leadership, sadly these new MCA hypocrites continue to slander, demonize and insult him for political gain. These hypocrites forget that there are monumental support of over billion Muslims in the entire globe support & give best doa to Tun Mahathir.

      It is so worrying that destabilzation, disoder & perhaps bloodshed could happen at any time due to the spread of slander, provocation and incitement on social media by irresponsible quarters.

      Henceforth, I strongly agree it is timely for Tun to attend & deliver a "final message" at the upcoming Malay Dignity Congress next month in the face of "hypocrites" sowing slander and provocation that threatens to undermine national unity.

      These irrresponsible sore losers & desperados are bent on doing so after being rejected by the people in the last general election for being corrupt and betraying the people's mandate.

      They are surely desperate to return to power after filling their cronies' bellies and their own for decades and exploiting Malay and Muslim sentiment on the political arena.

      They are using the name of "Muslim unity" to shield leaders who are now being investigated for corruption and other crimes on the pretext "Daulah Terpendam" - My foot...,!!

      The fraudulent fighters are once again trying to fool Malays and Muslims by claiming that they are defending Islam and bumiputera, that as though they are the only hope and there is no alternative - my foot...!!

      Melayu2 totok 'dulat terpendam' yg menghina Tun adalah goblok tak kenal diuntung terhadap Negarawan Yang Terulung di Dunia yg baru2 ini juga dilabel Best Speaker at 74th UNGA leaving a permanent mark for a long-long period of time.

  2. Wahai para mufti para agamawan para penceramah2. People like ustaz abdul samad, badlishah, kazim, maza,rora.. should watch this powerful video which gives maximum impact.

  3. Saya followed this ustaz sebab dia Tak pernah sentuh politik atau sindir mana² pemimpin, dia betul focus pd ajaran..

    Educated, soft Dan jelas keterangannya

  4. Tidak kah kita rasa malu setelah melihat video ini? Kalau melayu muslim tak ada perasaan malu, jangan cakap besar penyatuan ummah