Monday, January 27, 2020


Kalau melalak... Memang sah tak dapat.

Aku dah cakap awal,  penyokong taksub anwar yang gila pangkat dan jawatan ini adalah pelingkup potensi dan peluang Anwar sebagai PM8..

Hentikan desak Tun adalah penyelamatnya sebagai masih ada ruang untuk Anwar diterima.



  1. Desak atau tak desak TDM....NOT ANWAR, PLEASE!

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  3. Terima kasih kepada yang bertanya.

    Will PH break up? From the day I know that there was an agreement between Tun and Pak sheikh that Tun will have to hand over the premiership to Pak Sheikh before the end of the GE14 term, I have made it clear to everyone that I have not an iota of doubt that PH will break into 2 factions, one supporting the said handing over and the other against it.

    What will Tun do? I could not read Tun's mind but as I have said many times before, I have found the answer that can be the mother to all questions about Tun, that Tun is indeed a man of wisdom (seorang ahli hikmah) who has the ability to understand throughly every problem and every obstacles that he is facing, and to know exactly what is the ringt thing to do in every given situation.

    Remember when Tun and Pak Sheikh were still negotiating the terms of their alliance to be, there was a time when Pak Sheikh gave Tun a term which is not agreeable by Tun, and what did Tun do? He pulled out PPBM from the negotiation table and decided for PPBM to bulldoze GE14 without PKR, and let AMANAH and DAP decide whether to be with him or to be with the then prisoner.

    What happen thereafter? Pak Sheikh was so scared that he had to send his daughter to tell Tun that the said term is withdrawn and persuaded Tun not to pull out from the negotiation table.

    What happen therafter? All the other 3 parties agreed unanimously to name Tun as their coalition's candidate for premiership should PH win the GE.

    Can you see how confident was Tun with his decision back then? Ready for PPBM to bulldoze the GE without PKR and even without the other two parties if that is their decision? Where did he get this confidence? The answer is again, wisdom.

    Eventhough Tun couldn't have known what will be the reactions to his action / decision, but as a man of wisdom he will always have the convinction of mind of what is the right thing to do in every given situtation.

    This conviction of mind gives him the confidence that he will emerge triumphant in every battle that he has to face.

    Finally, above all, I have made known to everyone of my finding that there will come a time when all his haters will team up amongst them with a common goal; to topple him from his premiership, but they will still loose the battle and this time, their lost will be for good as they will be totaly defeated by Tun and his team, made of 314 souls of Malays including himself in the said final battle. So decisive the battle is going to be, that there will be no more battle therafter.

    All Malays will be united under one banner and that the banner will be PPBM's.

    Time will tell. In the meantime, for those who believe my sharing that Tun is indeed a man of wisdom and he will know what exactly is the right thing to do in every given situation, you just have to jalan terus bersama Tun, and the triumph card would be yours.


    Wallahu a'lam.

    1. Keep on dreaming John doe dungu... malays will never unite under the weak pbbm who will die together with its founder

    2. For anon 11:38 and the likes; JUST BRING IT ON and we shall see.

    3. Anon 11:38

      GPS/Wan Junaidi from Sarawak has said it
      Warisan/Shafie from Sabah has said it
      PAS/Hadi has said it
      Sabu/Amanah has said it
      DAP/Guam Eng has said it
      PKR/Azmin has said it

      What now? Kalau awak tak reti kites

    4. The so called 314 old luncais without Soul & Spirit, Heart & Mind.


  4. This guy's obstinacy, arrogance and sense of entitlement will lead to his ultimate downfall.

  5. Now GPS SArawak dah bersuara

    Warisan Sabah memang dari dulu dah bersuara

    Now Anwar.....did you get the message from Sabah and sarawak?

    Kalau tak faham lagi ...HOW tO BECOME A LEADER???????