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TAMOTSU Man Health Supplement
  According to global statistic, a total of 152 million men worldwide are experiencing male's organ problems.
 TAMOTSU health care team in Japan tries to tackle the problem by working with Hiroshi Inomata, a professor and engineering doctor of the Supercritical Fluid Technology Research Center of the Japanese Institute of Engineering.
 TAMOTSU main motive is to help men to solve their problem. The team has dedicated 10 years to develop the solution. Dr. Hiroshi Inomata has confirmed that the supercritical fluid extraction technology which can be called as SUPERCRITICAL FLUID EXTRACTION (SFE).
 The technology is about extracting natural plants that are more biologically active and preserve the original essence of the plant. The team uses the extraction technology which is patented to extract the Japanese expimedium and ginseng peptides.
 This technology allows patient's body to absorb nutrients, improve human aging in all aspects which also promotes blood circulation and ease male prostate problems.
 It is suitable for all sports enthusiasts and effectively improve the quality of sexual affairs.
 Product Advantages :
 ✔ Improve Body Immunity
 ✔ Promote Blood Circulation
 ✔ Improvement on Male's Organ
 ✔ Regulates Endocrine System
 ✔ Improve Microcirculation
 ✔ Prevent Premature Ejaculation
 ✔ Improve Liver Condition
 ✔ Eliminate Fatigure & Endurance
 ✔ Improve Frequent Urination
 ✔ Improve Prostate Issues
 ✔ Regulates Cholesterol Level
 ✔ Eliminate Radicals & Anti Aging
 ✔ Improvement on Waist & Knees Soreness
 Common Prostate Symptoms :
 1. Frequent Urination
 High frequency of uriniation during night, which is 3 to 4 times more than day time。 Urination is short and uncontrollable.
  2. Night Urinary Incontinence
 Urine flows out uncontrollably during sleeping. On serious cases, urine might flows out during daytime。
  3. Decreased Sexual Performance
 Potentially affects the affection's of a couple's intimate life which will lead to impotence and premature ejaculation.
  4. Poor Urination
 Patients with prostatitis will feel that urination has become slower than usual. Urine will flow out in a slow manner and discharge become weak. Men with these issue need to be aware of the threat of grandular hyperplasia
  5. Interrupted Urination
 Early symptoms of prostatitis will cause the crystals in the bladder. Bladder stones causes interupption of urination and it is an early symptoms of prostatitis for elderly people. This issue is needed to be alerted as soon as possible
 Issues caused by Prostate Problems :
 1. Impotence and Premature Ejaculation
 If the disease is not cured, it will cause other problems to arise such as discomforts or pain during sexual intercourse。 On severe terms, it also poses as a thread towards a couple's intimate relationship.
  2. Affecting Work Productivity
 Untreated diseases will cause inflammation such as lumbosacral, where patients will feel pain and swelling in the testical. The pain is unbearable which will cause work life productivity。
  3. Effect Fertility
 Long term chronic inflammation changes the composition of prostatic fluid. Glands secretion is affected which will affects the liquification of semen. Decrease sperm's motility can lead of men's infertility.
  4. Causes Chronic Nephritis
 If prostatitis is not treated in time, it can evolve into benign prostatic hyperplasia. Urine is a good medium for bacterial reproduction and the sole defence mechanism of bladder mucosa. If the disease is not treated, it can lead to nephitis.
  5. Causes Gynecological Inflammation
 Prostatitis is transmitable to other people inclduing the spouse of the patient through sexual intercourse
 Several diseases can be developed such as fungal prostatitis, trichomonas prostatitis and gonorrhea prostate.
  6. Endocrine Disorder will cause Mental Disorder
 Due to inflammation of the testical, it can cause neurasthenia issues. Which leads to insomnia, heavy dreams, fatigue and hypertension. Minor symptoms will cause slight memory loss。
  7. Causes Tumors
 In 1985, a study in the US suggested that oncogenes are the most important factor for developing tumors. A group of researchers found that, there is a significant link between prostate problems and gonorrhea. Therefore, it is porposed that the etiology of prostate cancer is related to viral sexual transmitted diseaseand chronic infections. The latest research shows that a normal male semen has anti-cancer substance。
  8. Get infected easily
 The human body contains an antibacterial substance called prostate antibacterial factor. When the prostate become inflammed, the factor decrease its potency which causes the testical to be easily infected. It can cause acute urinary retention, acute seminal vesiculitis or epididymitis. In severe case, it can cause groin pain and renal colic.
 Tamotsu Main Ingredients :
 📌 Horny Goat Weed
 📌 Ginseng Oligopeptides
 📌 Tribulus Terrestris
 📌 Radix Morindae Officinalis
 📌 America Ginseng
 📌 Pollen Pini
 📌 Green Tea Extract
 Horny Goat Weed
 ☑ Boost Immune System
 ☑ Increase Metabolism
 ☑ Prevent Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular disease
 ☑ Promote Blood Circulation
 ☑ Reduce Erectile Dysfunction
 ☑ Enhance Physical Endurance
 ☑ Anti Aging
 ☑ Improve Frequency of Enuresis
 ☑ Regulates Insulin
 ☑ Regulate Blood Pressure
  Ginseng Oligopeptides
 ☑ 500 Small Molecules
 ☑ Promote Matabolism
 ☑ Reduce Fatigue
 ☑ Free Radical Scavenging
 ☑ Anti Aging
 ☑ Improve Kidney Strength
 ☑ Improve Productivity
 ☑ Protects Liver
 ☑ Improve Myocardial Blood Vessels
 ☑ Lower blood sugar concentration
  Tribulus Terrestris
 ☑ Stroke Prevention
 ☑ Prevent Cardiovascular and Cerebrovascular disease
 ☑ Enhance Sexual Performance
 ☑ Improve Endocrine System
 ☑ Prevent Itching and Diuretic
 ☑ Decrease Blood Pressure
 ☑ Prevents Arteriosclerosis
 ☑ Anti Aging
  Radix Morindae Officinalis
 ☑ Strengthens Muscle and Bones
 ☑ Improve Knees and Waist
 ☑ Improve Sexual Performance
 ☑ Improve Microcirculation System
 ☑ Lower Blood Pressure
 ☑ Prevent Premature Ejaculation
 ☑ Improve Urinary Incontinence
  America Ginseng
 ☑ Improve Blood Circulation and prevent stroke
 ☑ Regulates the endocrine system
 ☑ Enhance Immune System
 ☑ Lower Blood Sugar
 ☑ Nourishing Kidney
 ☑ Heart Protection
 ☑ Anti Arrhythmic
  Pollen Pini
 ☑ Enhance Blod Vessel Elasticity
 ☑ Improve Microcirculation System
 ☑ Enhance Immune System
 ☑ Promote Liver Cell Regeneration
 ☑ Promote Gastrointestinal Digestion
 ☑ Regulate Blood Sugar
 ☑ Prevent Alzheimer's Disease
 ☑ Replenish Energy and Prevent Fatigue
  Green Tea Extract
 ☑ Protect Blood Vessels
 ☑ Anti Oxidant
 ☑ Lower blood lipids
 ☑ Sterilization and Detoxification
 ☑ Protects Liver Cells
 Do you need it?
 📌 Over 30 years old
 📌 Decreased sexual performance
 📌 Premature Ejaculation
 📌 Kidney deficiency, improvement of sexual intercourse
 📌 Weak Ejaculation and easily fatigue
 📌 Dizziness, Tinnitus, Insomnia and Fatigue
 📌 Weak semen flows, Frequent urination, weak ejaculation
 📌 Stay up late, alcohol and smoking
 📌 Irregular Lifestyle
 📌 Work/Life Unbalance
 📌 Urgency to reenergize
 📌 Long period of sitting or working
 📌 Hypertension people
 Suitable for :
 ✔ Lack of energy and motivation
 ✔ Decreased Libido
 ✔ Backaches and kidney deficiency
 ✔ Insomnia
 ✔ Impotence / Premature Ejaculation
 ✔ Unhealthy Sexual Lifestyle
 ✔ Nocturia / Frequent Urination / Intermittent Urination
 ✔ Diabetics
 🔥 Best Seller in Japan
 🔥 95% of people continue purchase
  ✅ Original
 ✅ Safety Drink, No Drug, No Medicine
 ✅ Got Certification from:
 👉 KKM
 👉 SGS
 👉 USM
  ✅ Easy for Drink, just take one sachet, every 2 days. Directly mix the content with your favorite beverage or water. Simple & Easy.
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