Saturday, April 29, 2023

Slow learner ayuh bangkit...


2023/2024 adalah tahun fokus untuk satu peningkatan tertinggi di QM.. 

Untuk matematik ia merujuk kepada pendapatan ratus ribu sebulan.. 

Di tahap sekarang 2020-2023 sudah ada puluhan individu yang tercapai tetapi belum sampai ke angka limapuluh... 

Ruang dan peluang sangat luas tanpa kira peringkat umur dan jantina... 

Untuk sukses, tidak ada pilihan, bina rangkaian.. 

Sertai kami dengan bermula RM10 jika anda kaum di atas Pagar Dan  slow learner. 


Tuesday, April 25, 2023

has been reviewed and advised by the Shariah Advisors....


QUANTUM METAL SDN BHD (“QMSB”) wishes to alert the public that there has been unauthorised individual infringes of QMSB logo, name, and goodwill, by representing himself as part of QMSB to scam the public with false investments and taking illegal deposit.

QMSB takes this matter seriously and has lodged a report to police and relevant authorities for an immediate action to be taken. QMSB would like to alert the public that: –
(a) QMSB has never required its customer to make payment through any individual’s bank accounts.
(b) QMSB will not hesitate to act against anyone who infringe and misused of QMSB’s identity, logo, name, and goodwill.

We appreciate the cooperation from the public to alert QMSB if noted any infringement or unauthorised use of QMSB name and product. QMSB urge the public to be cautious avoid being a victim of scam.
Date Of This Notice: 6 April 2023


QUANTUM METAL SDN BHD (“QMSB”) wishes to clarify that currently, all its products are based on Shariah Concept, the Shariah Compliant Products is based on guidance and advice from reputable Independent Shariah Advisor. 

As such, products that require compliance with TAWARRUQ CONCEPT will be provided with the right shariah compliance process with proper guidance from Shariah Advisor(s).

QMSB wishes to reiterate that customer purchase of gold should be properly evaluated by the customer’s own financial ability in view that gold is just like any other products, its prices can fluctuate, subjected to many other market factors which means there is risk and profit is not guaranteed.

All expenses pertaining to the compliance with Shariah Requirements have always been undertaken by QMSB, this remains unchanged.
The latest product sheet that has been reviewed and advised by the Shariah Advisors, these documents are available on the website, should you require any assistance on this, please contact email:

On another note, regarding the Shariah Pronouncements issued by the Independent Shariah Consultant(s) for QMSB products, it is subjected to periodic review. In this regard, QMSB wishes to highlight that in effort to ensure good and effective advisory services for compliance purpose, proper review will be performed from time to time, to assess if any improvement is required.

Date Of This Notice: 7 April 2023

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