Monday, July 19, 2010

UMNO and PAS - do not hurry scurry

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The boat to cooperation between the two parties will be missed if both are lackadaisical about the issue, warns Hishmmuddin.

UMNO should expect a friendly approach and good friends with PAS prior to and develop a cooperation.
Beliefs that are remote from the PAS against UMNO is a barrier at the moment. For PAS, UMNO has not been sincere, for PAS, UMNO just want to ride on the strength of the existing PAS phase.

PAS actually have their own weapons and strengths that have not been fully utilized and is necessary in a strong and stable party spurred Malays and Islam as PAS to be in the opposition alliance to seek the experience and refine the heart of political DAP wisdom.

Never before in history, the Malay and Islamic-based parties can sit down with a close-DAP and this is the opportunity to pick the strategy of DAP secrecy and as well as their weaknesses.

PAS will not be long in the opposition alliance in view of the DAP is a party-based struggle for racial nation that is not consistently with the policy of PAS. Sooner or later they will break up as well.

PAS can be considered the eyes and ears for the UMNO strategic plan for the future of Malaysian politics.

We do not have to worry so.

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