Monday, December 12, 2016


Untuk menghadapi sebarang bentuk tohmahan, Zahid Hamidi bukan sahaja sabar tetapi perlu kelihatan cukup sabar untuk menjadi Timbalan Presiden UMNO seterusnya Presiden UMNO dan Perdana Menteri.

Apakah Zahid Hamidi mempunyai dua ciri utama ini (?)
Apabila Musa Hitam meletak jawatan, Tun Dr Mahathir telah memilih Ghafar Baba yang tidak mengancam kedudukan kepada Presiden dan Perdana Menteri. Tetapi akhirnya ditikam belakang oleh Naib Presiden pada masa itu, Anwar Ibrahim.
Apakah ia akan berulang pada Zahid (?)

Mungkin "ya" mungkin "tidak". Seewajarnya ketidaktentuan ini memberi kewaspadaan kepada Zahid.
Zahid wajar mengambil langkah ke depan daripada menunggu keadaan tidak menentu (ya atau tidak).

Kesabaran Zahid boleh dilihat kerana kemampuannya pun terbatas,  kedudukan Najib lebih kuat berbanding kedudukan Tun Mahathir ketika diserang Anwar.
Tetapi bagaimana kesabaran penyokong Hishamuddin dan Kj (?)

Surat layang tidak mungkin datang dari pembangkang sebab mereka ada peluang di PRU bukan sahaja untuk menjatuhkan Zahid tetapi dengan agenda yang lebih besar menjatuhkan Najib dan UMNO.
Jika surat layang dari pembangkang,  ia akan lebih cermat, berkesan dan komprehensif.

Apakah Kj dan Hishamuddin serta penyokong mereka mempunyai peluang (?) Zahid akan semakin kuat jika menunggu PAU akan datang dan sudah tentu ada penangguhan pemilihan sebelum PRU.

Bagi Najib,  kedudukan Zahid makin kuat selagi Tun Dr Mahathir terus menyerangnya (sudah pasti) dan jangan lupa Zahid masih ada nostalgia engagement dengan Tun dan Anwar.

Kekuatan di luar dan dalam umno. Itukah yang si penyurat layang takut sangat...

Apakah hubungan juga palsu (?) Gambar terbaru Maulidiulrasul 2016  !!!


  1. Zahid diyakini kurang kesabaran......fight fire with fire......not a good strategy for umno/bn.

    within umno, zahid gagal menyerlah dan hanya bersandar pada KESETIAAN 101% tanpa berusaha mengukuh kedudukannya

    mengapa ada cobaan dalaman (diyakini bukan dari luaran) untuk melagakan beliau dengan najib? Laga melaga ini selalunya internal race within to earn boss' approval and support. Najib could only survive if hishamuddin is the next DPM. Khairy is just the next one to be placed as No.2 behind hishamuddin. he is still young. zahid may have to jump ship in order to give najib a run for presidency.

    my bet is the poison pen letter is believed to be the work of najib's men to push away zahid.

    1. Either way your bet is bad 'chalk' (since you loosely employed punter's lingo). What I meant is terrible betting favourites. And, whomever in dUMNO no longer has the integrity within the current leadership since they allowed KLEPTOCRACY take root and made worst defending it like hell has no fury!

      Note : I am not being judgemental in you 2:28 using 'judi' terms albeit I have been subjected to such before.

      The country needed FRESH restart with new clean, extremely honest people to run it.

      Look, if for 50 years melayu-muslims predominantly had been at the bottom 40% in income bracket with about >2,000rm to survive in present day high cost of livings as compared to >12,000rm of the top 20% elite malays, what does that tells you of dUMNO perjuangkan nasib melayu? Thats nearly half of the total population where melayu adalah pan-handlers.....peminta sedekah kerana semua berkelayakan mendapat BR1M-Bagi Rasuah 1 Malaysia! Dah lah 1MDB- 1 Malaysia Di Bodohkan nya!

      Let not this internal squabbles of dUMNO gets us distracted from the main objective in saving the country from these crooks!

      Beware now that dUMNOs are deploying everything 'Islamic' and playing out the melayu-sentiments so aggressively, work needed to be done the rural folks had to be enlightened so urgently, now rather than later! At least you can read clear hinting by Raja Nazrin (pardon me if I get his name wrong), but that is all you expect from the royals, the ground zero work has to be you, me and like-minded-rakyat-people who does not wish to see the country sank deeper with the bugis-pirate's ship!

      Its dead serious that Malaysia's reputation is at the lowest ebb, internationally!

      Since all avenues to correct what is wrong with the country has been curtailed, GE14 is the last bastion. Beyond that, should the KLEPTOCRATIC government hold stays, MALAYSIA TANAH AYER KU will be beyond redemption!

  2. Umno dah nak mati..yg ko org berebut tu pun dah tak bernilai lg..

  3. 6:46 AM went straight to the point...indeed, there is not a single worth anymore to be looking at the probability or whether dUMNO is relevant. Infact BN with all its components must be send to a one-way ticket out from Parliament for good.

    Malaysia has to start anew,

    - new Government with meaningful or proportionate representation from all ethnic groups, it would be ideal but even close to it would suffice,

    - establishment of FULL INQUIRY on the 1MDB & SRC scandals,

    - realignment of all government agencies to work for the RAKYAT first supporting the government of the day yes, but not to do any bigtime mischiefs eg. Theft of the Century

    - absolute CLEAN-UP of Officers within the paramilitary or military from CORRUPTED leaderships as compared to what we're seeing these 2 main defence agencies are not only 'PASSIVE', but one seem to be protecting the KELPTOCRATIC Government with all its might and apparatus intimidating, arresting, chargings and jailing the complainants rather than going after the culprit themselves....and that is mind-boggling!

    The rots and damages are too much to be retaining the 'status quo' dUMNO are for melayus-muslim-bumiputeras.....that a thorough CLEAN-UP is ABSOLUTELY necessary for Tanah Ayer Ku!

    Note : ISLAM & Malays (Even Raja Raja Melayu) are enshrined within the CONSTITUTIONS, so no need to worry on that for sure!

    Kita perlu 'MERDEKA' sekali lagi...atau progressive Malaysia will be greatly stunted! One can 'feel' it if you are seeing from without (when one live and work for many years overseas) rather than from within...or you can ask anyone whom at least studied overseas, travel overseas for tour-leisure or for business and these people can tell the 'REAL' sentiments on how the rest of the world sees us, Malaysians.

    Apart from a little speck of 'rays-of-hope' by Harith Iskandar's winning the Laugh Factory world competition, you can bet on anything he definitely has many tales to bring home from Finland but would not be sharing with many of us ONLY on the pretext that he's being put in 'COMFORT' with business class trip, plush hotel rooms and all sundries being paid for by TOURISM can you be seeing him biting the hands that fed him, even via slapstics? Don't think so.

    See, if Harith Iskandar can disinvite Tun M for a chat on his show, what more the Agong's formal ceremony in trying to humiliate Tun M? Pity the old man of 91 years whom had such stellar performance bringing Malaysia to great heights but now being extremely denigrated by an army of KLEPTOCRATS..., what a sorry state Malaysia-Kleptocratic government has sunked so low into trying to 'kill-off' a solitary figure so frail yet so being primed-goal to be 'eliminated'!?

    I don't need to be hailed and I don't need to be ridiculed (ALLAH's knows what's my intentions), pada yang 'panas telinga'...let it be the heat between your ears (literally speaking) cooked-up the the dead-brain cells into thinking with all its right faculties.


    Assallamualaikum dari North America,


    TQ KD for letting the forum flows....naturally

    1. It is heartening of late to be able to digest brilliant food of thought coming from your good self, bro MLN.

      Allow me to retract that in the past, Opposition parties have become stronger only when breakaway factions formed in UMNO. The first UMNO breakaway was led by Ku Li in 1988, which helped PAS gain control of Kelantan. The second UMNO breakaway was led by Anwar Ibrahim in 1998, which helped plant the seeds of Pakatan’s present strength. These two movements did not change the Government. However, victory may come if there is third UMNO breakaway that is prepared to work with the Opposition. The question is whether the we and the Opposition are willing to work with UMNO breakaway faction Number 3. Definitely that idiot & moronic Zahid Hamidi is out and unqualified....!!

      The only way we can remove Najib, if at all, is to stay united & mobilise the nation. For this, we need an 'Effective Leader'. Some people may want this person or that person, but I tell you there is only one Malay warrior left who is able and willing. Allow me to explain why this is important. We can have meaningful change in this country only when Malays accept those changes. Malays will change only if Malay leaders they trust tell them to do so. We have so few brave and progressive Malay leaders to start with, so reformists and the Opposition must learn to trust the leaders we have. Here upon, I urge all Malaysians especially Malays to rally behind Tun Mahathir. He is the only one who dares, who has courage and I assure you he has the country at heart. It is apparently clear that Tun Mahathir cannot be ignored, even at this late stage in his life, is still tirelessly making firm effort to change the country for the better and he's very effective and well respected abroad. So..should we not be generous with him in our words and judgement? Should we not make a special effort to include him in the things we do to make change possible when he is still able and willing?

      It was arrogant & ignorant to say that Tun Mahathir was responsible for everything wrong with our country. Many Malays like me remember him for how he successfully developed the country and for his master plan as outlined in Vision 2020. Please do not blame Mahathir when he curbed the powers of the Royals. He did it for the benefit of the rakyat, nation, particularly the Malays. Furthermore, no Malay leader rejected theocracy as firmly as Tun Mahathir when he said that hudud had no place in our country. No other Malay leader had the strength and conviction to make peace with Chin Peng in 1989 so that all Malaysians could forget the past and live peacefully in the future. No Malay leader had the trust of the Malays to be able to remove personal immunity from the Malay Rulers, but Tun Mahathir did just that for the good of the nation. No Malay leader has built more infrastructure in this country than he has.

      It is most important that political change in Malaysia requires Malays to accept change; and Malays will accept change only if the Malay leaders they respect tell them to do so. If Malays have fears, no matter how unjustified, they will only be able to overcome those fears and become brave if Malay leaders tell them to do so. That is the cold, hard truth. Therefore, we cannot let personal feelings obstruct our greater purpose. Personal slights are irrelevant sideshows in the greater scheme of things. They can and should be forgiven and forgotten because the larger interests of the people of Malaysia are supreme. It is, and has always been, about what is best for the country.
      If the Malay community feels that its leaders do not get the respect they deserve from the reformists, no Malay leader will be able to assure them that their future will be secure if a party other than UMNO comes to power. The Malay community is watching things closely because UMNO keeps reminding them about what will happen if UMNO loses power.

      Salam and hope to always hear from you again.

  4. Salam tuan admin.

    Saya berpendapat 'surat layang' itu memang daripada team Zahid sendiri. Barangkali ia juga daripada team Najib. Agak tidak masuk akal kalau dikatakan ia berpunca daripada pihak ketiga selain kedua mereka ini.

    'Keakraban' kedua-dua mereka ketika majlis Maulidurrasul menjelaskan sesuatu di sebalik surat tersebut.

    Zahid tidak berani menjatuhkan Najib pada hari ini bukan kerana sedar kekuatannya tidak dapat menandingi kekuatan Najib tetapi kerana sedar seperti Najib, dirinya juga terpalit dengan berbagai isu yang cukup untuk membuatkan rakyat turut menolaknya.

    Sebarang percubaan Zahid ke atas Najib akan sebabkan Najib muntahkan segala isu2 tersebut. Akhirnya kedua-duanya akan tewas.

    So Zahid terpaksa tow the line dan berharap Najib akan turun sendiri dan dia dapat naik dengan mudah. 'Surat layang' itu adalah menifestasi kepada harapan Zahid ini.

    Apa pun Najib dan Zahid sudah tidak relevan lagi. Kesediaan Zahid dan para pemimpin UMNO untuk berenang di dalam tempoh yang lama bersama Najib sejak isu menyamun ini terbongkar telah menjadikan mereka semua sebagai pensubahat.

    Seluruh team ini mesti disingkirkan si PRU kelak. In shaa Allah. Aamiin.

  5. Just wonder, suddenyly we have the following in the media

    1. Shadow cabinet of the opposition with LKS as PM and TDM as DPM....IT WAS IMMEDIATELY DECLARED FALSE BY LKS AND reasonable malaysian man with at least minimum IQ would believe in this....

    2. Poison pen letter alleging zahid "asking" najib to step down and also proposed new cabinet line up...Najib and False royal adnan responded and straight away pointing fingers to the oppositions....why them? Not Zahid. Only after that zahid came forward to "condemn" the writer and declared 20 policereports were made.....jalan ikut script

    3. Mukhriz alleging KJ had actually tendered his letter of resignation but was coaxed by Zahid to withdraw. KJ was alleged to have been very unhappy with najib and !MDB fiasco...this is the 3rd day nd KJ has yet to respond....smell of fish between zahid...KJ...najib.....TUG OF WAR?

    Tuesday blues......:)

    Who appear to be desperate here......?

    Your guess is as good as mine

  6. jangan bising-bising boleh? biarkan apa yang dirancang berjalan lancar. ini korang buat persepsi dan spekulasi sesuka hati. agenda dah digerakkan, cuma blogger2 kurang cermat yang kasi bocor informasi. dah kena start balik dah...hampeh betul korang.

  7. Jho low n co failed to claim assest to be seized by US DoJ. What does it mean? It means it is confirmed that the assets were bought by misappropriated 1MDB money. Now, since court has rejected the claims, next is obvious that a criminal indictment shall be instituted. Again there will be a trail of actions leading to the arrest of players.......Happy New Year

    1. If what you said is true, then the day of reckoning for Najib & his band of coyotes is apparently near.

  8. is it true Khairy finally leaving, wait for the announcement? the umno guys are saying