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Najib Pilih Kasih

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Najib says a little bit of sensational news involving famous people is okay but the thrust should be towards developing a knowledgeable society.

Najib malukan Utusan atas taklimat dan nasihat siapa?

Apa dia yang sensasinya?

Melaporkan kebenaran dan kebodohan UMNO adakah sensasi?

Bagaimana akhbar lain yang perkauman, fitnah dan menghasut?????????

BACA: Bahalul2 Bercakap Tentang Islam

Malaysia Kini bagi #free untuk burukkan Melayu, Islam, UMNO, BN dan Kerajaan.

Bung Moktar: 'Charity begins at home'

May 20, 10 7:09am
your say'If Bung can cheat on his wife, don't you think he can do the same many times over with the rakyat, too?'




Bung Moktar jailed 1 month, fined RM1,000

Anonymous: The fine is too small to get him disqualified, but the jail sentence might. So I expect the jail sentence to be quashed. The last thing BN would want is another by-election, so the courts would probably agree.

My Secret: If Bung Moktar Radin can cheat on his wife, don't you think he can do the same many times over with the rakyat, too? Come to think of it, Dr Chua Soi Lek cheated on his wife and he was elected MCA president. Bung, I think CSL should be your hero.

Brokeback Mountain: While we take potshots at Bung Moktar, did you realise what sort of low-lifes are Zizie's brothers to give their sister away to such a low-life like Bung? Those idiotic brothers should also be fined and jailed.

Md Imraz Ikhbal: It is very interesting to witness the glaring difference between the treatment by the Syariah Court of Bung Moktar and that received by N Gobalakrishnan by the High Court.

It would appear that in this country, even the syariah courts are not spared from the political agenda of the ruling elite. But since this is the system of the day for this nation, then the government's strategy to eliminate political foes through the hands of any courts can be refined slightly.

Henceforth, for all Umno or BN-aligned offenders, just standardise the sentence to RM1,999.99 or imprisonment of 11 months and 30 days, or both. But to any offender from the opposition or those aligned thereto, add an additional two sen or two-day jail terms, or both.

That way, it will still achieve BN's objective of eliminating the opposition and holding onto power by whatever means, and the courts won't appear to be so unfair in the eyes of the world and the rakyat, especially so that the idiots can continue believing in Najib Razak's 1Malaysia!

Parvinder Kler: When Pairin Kitingan was Sabah's chief minister and was found guilty of corruption, he was also given a fine just under the disqualification limit. I heard Dr Mahathir Mohamad had a hissy fit and relegated the judge to a magistrate's court somewhere in Perak.

I was a big Pairin supporter at that time, but even I could see that the punishment was overly lenient. The judge, in all probability, played politics.

1Malaysia: According to Islamic law, they are validly married, whether authorised (by the courts) or not is not the question. They are married, regardless of where they married and by whom. As long the the Islamic injunction is not breached, the marriage is valid.

So why is Bung Moktar being punished by jail terms? The couple didn't do anything wrong. Strange. Valid in the eyes of Islamic judgement, but wrong in the eyes of Malaysia's Islamic laws.

Concerned Citizen: Polygamous marriage do not mean illicit sex. I do feel, however, that he knew the law and was fully aware what he was doing. In this regard, he should either be suspended from Parliament, be referred to the privileges committee or resign as MP.

Louis: One month behind bars is too lenient. As a lawmaker, he should know the laws better. Not only did he break the law, he seemed to be acting as if he is immune to it. Let us hope that the court means business when faced with Bung's appeal. Increase the jail term to teach lawmakers not to break the laws they make.

BTN: With this type of fine, which is so insignificant, there will be more of this type of cases. Don't forget that when you go to a spa for a massage, it will cost you a quarter of this fine. Mind you, the massage is only for less than an hour.

Caveman: It looks like we have two laws - one for rich, while the harsh treatment is reserved for peasants. In more civilised parts of the world, MPs who are convicted of crime and jailed are sacked because they have brought their parliaments into disrepute.

So speaker of the Dewan Rakyat, what are you waiting for?

Lim Ka Tin: As a lawmaker, he doesn't feel guilty or repent. Beside the Syariah Court ruling, the privileges committee should take a serious view of this and act accordingly. BN needs to act transparently.

Amaso: I'm glad to see Syariah Court judge Wan Mahyuddin Wan Muhammad is independent from BN interference. With this judgment, I have more confidence in syariah courts than civil courts.

Multi Racial: If you look at The Star paper yesterday, it seem this guy already knew the verdict, and that is why he was smiling all the way. If it was a normal citizen, I can accept the punishment of RM1,000 and one month jail.

But for a MP, he should be punished to the maximum weight of the law.

GK: I can understand during the Prophet time, polygamy was allowed to take care of widows whose husbands die young in war or due to illness, but, this is not so in modern days like what Bung Moktar did.

To me, this is abusing the noble thought of Islamic teachings as what we see among Muslim VIPs. 'Suka-suka' they can just pronounce three 'talaks' to divorce their faithful wives and marry younger and more beautiful women. They can even marry young teen girls.

Dood: I hope our "pious, holier-than-thou Muslims" like Zul Noordin, Ibrahim Ali and the rest of the Perkasa and cow-head gangs and others like them will protest against Bung Moktar in front of his house and burn effigies of him for insulting Islam.

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