Tuesday, August 22, 2017

lackey donkeys

6. The police is of course free to question the organisers
But the IGP should not use threatening language against them – language that imply the organisers are guilty of not complying with police conditions. If the police have suspicions that the organisers are involved in wrongdoings, they can be called in for questioning.

7. The police must hear their side of the story. The riots were fully captured on video. The rioters’ faces will help to identify who the rioters were and what they did.

8. It looks like more thuggery is in store for Malaysians. We now get a report that Hindraf leader Waythamoorthy, has been assaulted and threatened by a knife wielding thug for not supporting the Government.


  1. Habis cerita dari kerala, kita rehat seketika untuk pesanan penaja dari stesen tv imayam, negeri tamil nadu.

  2. Dulu-dulu tak payah banyak bicara terus ISA!

    Siapa yang mansuhkan ISA? Siapa yang menentang ISA dimansuhkan?

    Siapa yang zalim dan siapa yang dizalimi?