Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Dikatakan Timbalan Gabenor Bank Negara akan dilantik sebagai Gabenor Bank Negara yang baru.

Jika benar, satu satunya tindakan yang kembali waras oleh kerajaan mengelakan lagi krisis integriti kerajaan yang umpama telor di hujung tanduk.

ia sebenarnya lebih waras jika Najib undur sebaik sahaja keputusan PRU yang buruk, atau sekurang kurangnya selepas ditegur Mahathir tetapi masih belum terlewat untuk berundur selasa depan tanpa syarat.

Negara buang masa dengan isu peribadi Najib yang diheret menjadi isu parti dan negara akibat sokongan pendedak yang membuta tuli sekadar memburu hampas.

Apabila arul kanda sudah mula membocor, tentulah kekanda besar sedar, kapal sudah nak tenggelam, laksamana dan panglima pun sudah pandai menghilang, tak dapek eden nak tolon...

Cuba fokus sedikit perkara di bawah.
Jom baca untuk persediaan minda dan strategi masa depan.

In 1998, Kodak had 170,000 employees and sold 85% of all photo paper worldwide.
Within just a few years, their business model disappeared and they got bankrupt.

What happened to Kodak will happen in a lot of industries in the next 10 year - and most people don't see it coming. Did you think in 1998 that 3 years later you would never take pictures on paper film again?
Yet digital cameras were invented in 1975. The first ones only had 10,000 pixels, but followed Moore's law.

So as with all exponential technologies, it was a disappointment for a long time, before it became way superiour and got mainstream in only a few short years. It will now happen with Artificial Intelligence, health, autonomous and electric cars, education, 3D printing, agriculture and jobs. Welcome to the 4th Industrial Revolution.
Welcome to the Exponential Age.

Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years.
Uber is just a software tool, they don't own any cars, and are now the biggest taxi company in the world. Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don't own any properties.

Artificial Intelligence: Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world. This year, a computer beat the best Go player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected. In the US, young lawyers already don't get jobs. Because of IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done by humans. So if you study law, stop immediately. There will be 90% less laywyers in the future, only specialists will remain.

Watson already helps nurses diagnosing cancer, 4 time more accurate than human nurses. Facebook now has a pattern recognition software that can recognize faces better than humans. In 2030, computers will become more intelligent than humans.

Autonomous cars: In 2018 the first self driving cars will appear for the public. Around 2020, the complete industry will start to be disrupted. You don't want to own a car anymore. You will call a car with your phone, it will show up at your location and drive you to your destination. You will not need to park it, you only pay for the driven distance and can be productive while driving. Our kids will never get a driver's licence and will never own a car. It will change the cities, because we will need 90-95% less cars for that.

We can transform former parking space into parks. 1,2 million people die each year in car accidents worldwide. We now have one accident every 100,000km, with autonomous driving that will drop to one accident in 10 million km. That will save a million lifes each year.

Most car companies might become bankrupt. Traditional car companies try the evolutionary approach and just build a better car, while tech companies (Tesla, Apple, Google) will do the revolutionary approach and build a computer on wheels. I spoke to a lot of engineers from Volkswagen and Audi; they are completely terrified of Tesla.

Insurance companies will have massive trouble because without accidents, the insurance will become 100x cheaper. Their car insurance business model will disappear.

Real estate will change. Because if you can work while you commute, people will move further away to live in a more beautiful neighborhood.

Electric cars will become mainstream until 2020. Cities will be less noisy because all cars will run on electric.

Electricity will become incredibly cheap and clean: Solar production has been on an exponential curve for 30 years, but you can only now see the impact. Last year, more solar energy was installed worldwide than fossil. The price for solar will drop so much that all coal companies will be out of business by 2025.

With cheap electricity comes cheap and abundant water. Desalination now only needs 2kWh per cubic meter. We don't have scarce water in most places, we only have scarce drinking water. Imagine what will be possible if anyone can have as much clean water as he wants, for nearly no cost.

Health: The Tricorder X price will be announced this year. There will be companies who will build a medical device (called the "Tricorder" from Star Trek) that works with you phone, which takes your retina scan, you blood sample and you breath into it. It then analyses 54 biomarkers that will identify nearly any disease. It will be cheap, so in a few years everyone on this planet will have access to world class medicine, nearly for free.

3D printing: The price of the cheapest 3D printer came down from 18,000$ to 400$ within 10 years. In the same time, it became 100 times faster. All major shoe companies started 3D printing shoes. Spare airplane parts are already 3D printed in remote airports. The space station now has a printer that eliminates the need for the large amout of spare parts they used to have in the past.

At the end of this year, new smartphones will have 3D scanning possibilities. You can then 3D scan your feet and print your perfect shoe at home. In China, they already 3D printed a complete 6-storey office building. By 2027, 10% of everything that's being produced will be 3D printed.

Business opportunities: If you think of a niche you want to go in, ask yourself: "in the future, do you think we will have that?" and if the answer is yes, how can you make that happen sooner? If it doesn't work with your phone, forget the idea. And any idea designed for success in the 20th century is doomed in to failure in the 21st century.

Work: 70-80% of jobs will disappear in the next 20 years. There will be a lot of new jobs, but it is not clear if there will be enough new jobs in such a small time.

Agriculture: There will be a 100$ agricultural robot in the future. Farmers in 3rd world countried can then become managers of their field instead of working all days on their fields. Aeroponics will need much less water. The first petri dish produced veal is now available and will be cheaper than cow produced veal in 2018. Right now, 30% of all agricultural surfaces is used for cows. Imagine if we don't need that space anymore. There are several startups who will bring insect protein to the market shortly. It contains more protein than meat. It will be labeled as "alternative protein source" (because most people still reject the idea of eating insects).

There is an app called "moodies" which can already tell in which mood you are. Until 2020 there will be apps that can tell by your facial expressions if you are lying. Imagine a political debate where it's being displayed when they are telling the truth and when not.

Bitcoin will become mainstream this year and might even become the default reserve currency.

Longevity: Right now, the average life span increases by 3 months per year. Four years ago, the life span used to be 79 years, now it's 80 years. The increase itself is increasing and by 2036, there will be more that one year increase per year. So we all might live for a long long time, probably way more than 100.

Education: The cheapest smartphones are already at 10$ in Africa and Asia. Until 2020, 70% of all humans will own a smartphone. That means, everyone has the same access to world class education. Every child can use Khan academy for everything a child learns at school in First World countries. We have already released our software in Indonesia and will release it in Arabic, Suaheli and Chinese this Summer, because I see an enormous potential. We will give the English app for free, so that children in Africa can become fluent in English within half a year.

 👍 ready for a new technology...


  1. Tak boleh percaya pasal lantikan career Bank Negara banker ke jawatan Gabenor tuh.

    Ingat lah bahawa si Bugis pernah buat cara memeranjat dan serta merta. Seperti buang Gani Pattail sebagai Peguam negara dan gantikan dgn Pandi. Dan tukar tmepat kerja dengan serta merta pegawai2 tinggi SPRM & PDRM yang mneyiasat 1MDB & RM2.6 billion.

    Mana tau, alih alih Mat Maslan jadi Gabernor. Si Bugis perlukan orang yang taat setia 110%.

    1. new gabenor will just need to do his job .. no politiking ... else go fly kite !!

    2. Ah Jib Gor dah lantik Timbalan Gabenor jadi Gabenor ganti Zeti. Kot tak lama kemudian dia akan "clear Najib of any wrong doing" macam Pandi buat tak lama lepas di lantik.

      Dulu Zeti ada umumkan beberapa pelanggaran peraturan Bank Negara pasal hantar wang keluar negara dan arahkan 1MDB bawa balik ke Malaysia lebih US1 bilion. Tak tahu Ajib dah buat ke belom.

  2. Aku ngarapkan si Bugis jadi Kodak. Dalam tempoh berbulan - bukan bertahun - timbul satu gejala atau manusia yang lebih efisien, tak korup, takda punyai beberapa ekaun bank yang di masukkan berbilion Ringgit atau US dolar. Dari Pak Arab ke tak atu siapa lain yang dikatakan 5 punca nya.

    1. harap cam pakatan harapan ? go fly kite !!


    1. zeti said new gabenor give positive impact .... so what kluangman... still want to continue create perception game ? go fly kite !!

    2. Mister go fly kite,

      Since you like kite flying so much, why don't you cut your balls and fly them in Putrajaya?

  4. still retorik dan syok sendiri.... masih terpana dgn gaya politiking madey .. fitnah dan tohmah mmg mainan politik madey ... mmg tak maju strategi korang semua ni... analogi kodak ?? lagi lah tak relevan .. we are talking about political power that madey enjoy it for 22 years ... now someone smarter and cool headed like DSN ... madey is old school and same with all of you.. forget it lah .. go fly kite !!!

    1. You are paid by Najib Press Secretary to do Red Bean kind of job, eh?

      Mady ruled for 22 years, so what? Najib cool headed? You denying Najib pening kepala some people say kena pakai injections with mem to help them sleep at night? Ngaku saja le, Mamat.

  5. Husni kat mane? Husni kat mane?

  6. 1mdb ke..2.6b ke..gabenor baru ke..Aku OK saja tak terjejas pun sebagai rakyat Malaysia.hidup pun senang cari makan.APA lagi melayu haprak bangsat nak

    1. Patutlah nasib Bangsa Melayu lain ketinggalan klau mcm nie punya pemikiran...

      Aku senang. Nasib korangle..


      Aku OK saja.

      Tapi kesian tengok bangsa kita paling ramai kat pusat serhenti. Paling ramai merempit. Orang Melayu kat bandar RAMAI yang tinggal kat flat je. Biasiswa pun dah kurang untuk belajar. Tanah hak milik Melayu untuk anak cucu dah berkurangan........

      Kalau ada kesilapan atau penipuan aku mesti betulkan. Bangsa aku perlukan pemimpin yang BAIK untuk memimpin.

      Jika SUDAH LAMA MEMIMPIN PUN TAK BERJAYA(tapi masih nak memimpin), aku mesti ambil peranan menyedarkan bangsaku dalam pru nanti.

  7. Macamana advance pun komputer dan teknologi, pemimpin korup dan penipu akan terus berusaha menipu rakyat. Mungkin penipu2 dan kroni akan lebih lagi advance.

    Kejujuran dan keikhlasan dalam politik x bleh ditentukan dengan teknologi.

    Rakyat perlu tentukannya dalam undi. Dah dekat 60 tahun dah. Dimana Melayu 60 tahun lagi?