Monday, January 19, 2015

Ini Senarai Orang Yang Tidak Dibenarkan Kaya Raya Di Malaysia..

1. Daim
2. Syed Bukhari
3. Mahathir anak beranak
senarai menunggu..
4. Ibrahim Ali

Orang lain dibenarkan tetutama yang bukan Melayu dan Islam.


  1. 1. I am no politician but a voter who had seen changes of PM helming the nation. From PM1 to PM4.....smooth changes of guards. The country had since its independence had progressed from one level to another. Installation of PM5 was smooth but instead of progressing further, because of his personality, the country seemed to lag behind causing a transfer of power to necessitate proper direction. Thinking that all would be well, it actually had and has worsened! This has caused the existing friction compounded by unqualified analyst and advisors to PM where the country's position is being compromised.

    2. It all started with ex Premier mahathir, who had helmed the country for 22 years, came out with initially soft criticisms but of late shot strong and damaging ones at currrent PM. I personally believe with 22 years of tenure in office had given him deep insight to what is lacking under current regime. Advice after advice were given but not heeded.

    3. Supporters of current PM were of the opinion that mahathir was out to take back the PM post. Others accused of ex premier's supporters of wanting to stop najib from disturbing their businesses and influence in thr likes of daim etc.

    4. If one cares to go a few years back, insults on muslims and malays, the daringness of the other races in questioning bumi status, ineffective control over many many things, not heard of during mahathir's time had been rampant. KDN did not act accordingly as the minister prefer rhetorics to actions.

    5. I am quite amazed that pro najib is attacking daim known to be mahathir's aide......and the story goes on and on.

    6. What was initially a humble advice by mahathir and his former generals to najib to steer back the country to its original path was wrongly interpreted by najib's supporter to seek his stepping down as PM. At no one time mahathir said that. Listen to advice and things would have gone back to normal.

    7. Given the current scenario, it is now definite that we are going to dogs. Pru14 will be the imminent death of umno. Orang melayu, jangan salahkan PM1 hingga 4. Ingatlah najib akan go down in history as the destroyer of the country, religion and the malay race....


  2. TODAY would never ever be LIKE YESTERDAY
    Everything will NOT Gonna be ALRIGHT

  3. Ibrahim ali banyak duit ke..kah3

  4. Anon 12.23
    It is sad that such a veteran making accusion and speculations that Najib and his hunchos are attacking TDM and TDZ.Pse prove this with facts.You thing Najib care about this rubbish,as far as he is concern business as usual to govern this country as he knows best.Are you a loyal supporters of the Liberal 25.I am no politician too,but I am confident that UMNO willsurvive in GE 14 with additional seats.Pse learn a lesson from GE 13,even with the so called Chinese Tsunami,UMNO alone won seats nearly same amount won by PR three parties add together

    1. Anon 4.51...

      1. As an individual who made the comments under Anon 12.23, I did not and never make any accusation or speculation that najib and his hunchos had attacked tdm and or tdz and or others. On the contrary, if you really analysed what had and have been published in the media, you cannot but agree that the media like tv3 and pro najib bloggers were and are the ones who launched scathing personal attack on najib's detractors but seriously failed to respond to the factual criticisms.

      2. It may or may be not true to say that najib would give a hoot to the alleged rubbish (borrowing your word). However, using tv3 and other media to bad mouth veteran leaders is very unethical.

      3. Never had I seen in my life factual and debatable criticisms being responded by way of personal attack. It clearly shows immaturity and inability to read and understand the critical issues at hand.

      4. Whilst I perfectly agree with you that najib would still to continue to lead this country with the help of his loyal generals and supporters, failure to take heed of important and critical issues at stake would bring the country down includibg those who had given advice but not heeded to. If this happen, siapa yang zalim????

      5. I wish to reiterate that never at any time tdm or tdz called fornajib's resignation. I am no aide of tdm or tdz but what they have said is true, not empty criticisms but pure hard facts based on their experiences (22 years fir tdm) when leading the country,

      6. Anon is people like you who fail to see the consequences of weak leadership would compound the already unstable position of the country, politically, economically, socially and religiously.


  5. Thank you for reply but pse do not accuse me of not knowing of the consequences of bad management of whatever fields you had mentioned.Are you sure Najib did not consult TDM or that matter TDZ.In what way that he can controlled entirely his supporters from critizing others esp his opponents.Same like you and me,I think Najib would like to see this country flourish and the people live happily.Do not harp like the Oppo,whatever actions taken by govt they complain but did they submit alternative plans.My question to you,ifever Najib and his gang are required to steo down can you list me their replacement.

    1. Dear 3.06,

      A. Alhamdulillah, you understand the consequences.

      B. Najib may have consulted TDM and or TDZ but he would still go for bad practice. BRIM and 1MDB are good examples

      C. If najib is strong and in command, he could easily convince them against doing it. Did not najib has advisors and consultants in his web of control?

      D. Sure, all of us including najib himself would like the country flourishing but unfortunately his actions seem to go on the contrary. Thats why the fierce criticisms albeit factual ones.

      1. It never crosses my mind to see najib stepping down.

      2, I fervently hope that najib stays and heeds advice given by tdm and or tdz to steer back the country to its glory

      3. You said no alternative plans offered.....did not mahathir and daim keep on issuing factual criticisms against najib's actions?

      4. Assuming najib leaves, muhyiddin is there. He is very capable but too cautious in the current scenario fearing offending his boss. Muhyiddin listens to good advice


  6. Dear 3.07
    Thank you for your reply.Eventhough we have different perspective in our views but I am dead sure that we both have the same desire to see Malaysia prosporous and progress as a develop nation.Nevertheless,may be you agree or not lists down here my opinion in regard to points pointed by you.
    1.BRIM..Only the rich and so called urbanites making noise about this scheme,cos they feel the pinch esp the cutting off subsidies.The govt saves billions and only spent substancial amount to the qualified rakyat who deserved the aids.To the rural folks RM500 is a lot of money whereby they can sustain their household expenditures for a month.This is because most of them are used to buy what they need and not what they want,entirely different from the urbanites which is the other way round.
    2..1MDB.It is one of the govt investment tools like KHAZANAH.I still remember that AMOK the KHAZANAH MD was a punching bag at one time for investment decision which considered by the arm chair critics doomed to fail.But now where are these whistle blowers when KHAZANAH produced results.In any investment there will be risks and that is why in any big companies there exist the Risk Management Dept.Investment is a long term project and may I ask you if it really happen that this project failed Malaysia will become bankcrupt.Why until now FELDA is not bankcrupt as per forcast by the Cambridge trained economist Rafizi Ramli of PKR on the FGVs case.
    3.Command..There are such things as direct and indirect commands.Yes Najib can stop whoever persons that are under his direct command,but those who are under the catagory of in direct command he can advice them but in no way he had the means to stop them from whatever they like and wish to do.
    4..Agreed that TDM or for that matter TDZ did issue factual criticisms against Najib actions but I am yet to see any alternatives plans published in any mainstream media.
    5. How do we know Najib did not see or consulted TDM or follow tha latter's advice.Of all we know the recent Budget 2015 revisions were spelled out after deliberate discussion inclusives of Tun"s ideas.
    6..Mahyuddin is a wise man,he will only acts when it deemed necessary.He is full aware that Najib still have the backing of most of the UMNO Supreme Council members and I think he will not betray his bos yet.But I do angree with you that he is the suitable candidate if Najib really flunked his job.This is to upkeep the tradition.
    Thank you Salam.



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