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KJ tolong pulang segera - Negara memerlukan kamu...

Paklah yang terkenal sebagai Mr Clean (Mr.Bersih) juga seorang yang sangat rapat dan baik dengan Ambiga yang juga Penganjur BERSIH kini telah terpalit dengan isu keterlibatan meluluskan kontrak untuk pembekalan polymer lima ringgit. The report stated Abdullah is believed to have been involved in approving the contract won by the RBA firms to supply Malaysia with its polymer five ringgit note, which began circulating in 2004.

Sebagai Mr Clean kita berkemungkinan percaya laporan itu mungkin tidak tepat seperti juga penafian Paklah sendiri, tetapi ada kemungkinan melibatkan juga bekas2 punahsihat2nya sebelum ini semasa menjadi menteri Kewangan pada masa itu.

KJ adalah yang paling layak pulang segera untuk turut bantu menjawab.

The former prime minister says there is no truth in the allegation reported in The Age Newspaper.
KUALA LUMPUR: Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today denied allegation of an attempted bribe when he was the prime minister and finance minister in 2003 as reported by an Australian newspaper.
“There is no truth whatsoever in the allegation as I cannot possibly remember of anyone approaching me with any offer,” he said, according to a Bernama report.
“If indeed there was any, I would have unhesitatingly lodged an immediate report to the regulatory authorities including he police for follow-up action,” Abdullah said in a statement here today.
Meanwhile, The Age Newspaper reported today that the Reserve Bank of Australia’s (RBA) banknote firms are suspected of attempting to bribe Abdullah in order to get his help to win a A$31 million currency contract.
According to the report, the Australian federal police have gathered information about attempts to bribe Abdullah by Securency and Note Printing Australia, which are respectively half and fully owned and overseen by the RBA.
The report stated Abdullah is believed to have been involved in approving the contract won by the RBA firms to supply Malaysia with its polymer five ringgit note, which began circulating in 2004.
Also read:

Ex-Bank Negara top official charged with graft
The former Bank Negara assistant governor is said to have received a RM100,000 bribe to help secure a RM95 million bank notes printing contract.
KUALA LUMPUR: A former Bank Negara assistant governor was today charged with accepting a RM100,000 bribe to help secure a bank note printing contract involving printing RM95million worth of RM5 polymer bank notes.
Mohamad Daud Dol Moin, 58, dressed in a suit, pleaded not guilty after two similar charges were read out to him at the Kuala Lumpur Sessions Court.
Mohamed Daud was arrested after MACC conducted joint-investigations with Australia Federal Police. Six persons are expected to be charged in Australia today.
Mohamad Daud’s charge read that he received a RM50,000 bribe from businessman Abdul Kayum Syed Ahmad through a middleman, in his capacity as a Bank Negara officer, to help obtain a contract involving printing the polymer notes by Note Printing Australia Limited.
He is alleged to have committed the offence at Dome restaurant at Bangsar Shopping Centre and had received the same amount on two separate occasions– Dec 1, 2004 and Feb 16, 2005.
If convicted, Mohamed Daud faces a jail-term of between 14 days to 20 years Under Section 11(a) of the Prevention of Corruption Act 1997, and fine five times the bribe amount or RM10,000, whichever is higher.
Judge Rosbiahanim Ariffin set bail at RM100,000 with one surety after DPP Majoj Kurup and defence counsel Collin Goonting and J.D Goonting both agreed to the amount.
August 2 was fixed as mention date. Mohamed Daud was the assistant governor between 1999 and 2009. He is now retired.

Others charged

A businessman is to be charged separately in the Shah Alam courts over the same case.

Those facing charges in Australia are personnel from two companies– Securency International and Note Printing Australia Ltd and six others, namely Myles Curtis, John Leckenby, Mitchell Anderson, Peter Hutchinson, Barry Brady and Rognvald Mardrant.
According to MACC, the contract was for Note Printing Australia Ltd to print RM5 polymer bank notes for Bank Negara worth RM95,000,178.32.
Previously, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) had reportedly detained three individuals linked to the supply of RM5 polymer notes from an Australian company.
They were arrested following a news report that Melbourne-based Securency International had offered bribes to officials in Malaysia.
All three were charged with being paid RM11.3 million to secure the contract from Bank Negara and to ensure that the government of Malaysia opted for polymer notes.
A recent report in Australian newspaper The Age said that Securency had hired a company chaired by the brother of Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to help it win banknote contracts in Malaysia in 2009 as it could “offer it access to, and influence over, Malaysia’s top politicians”.
The company, Liberal Texhnology Sdn Bhd, latter said that Haris Onn Hussein, who is also Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s cousin, had sold his shares in 2006.
Securency has previously secured contracts to print RM50 notes in conjunction with the Commonwealth Games in 1998 and the RM5 polymer notes in 2004.

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