Sunday, April 15, 2018


Presiden Pas didakwa menipu isu pindaan perlembagan Pas › Presiden Pas, Datuk Seri Abndul Hadi Awang dikecam dan didakwa berbohong apabila mendakwa pemimpin AMANAH sekarang adalah kumpulan yang ...


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  2. Hadi ikut telunjuk umno supaya sisihkan pemimpin dari kalangan professional yg menentang cadangan ug umno dan pas..

    Muktamar 2015 hadi gunakan cai untuk perwakilan memilih saf kepimpinan ikut kehendak hadi...All President man...

    Setelah G18 kalah hadi cabar mereka tubuh parti sendiri kerana hadi rasa sangat kuat dan tidak tergugat dengan G18....

    Lahir lah Amanah yg menggusarkan hadi....telah bocor pas terima sedekah haram dari najib untuk bantu umno menang pru dgn 3 penjuru....ramai ahli pas lari kpd Amanahmm

    Pas hilang ramai ahli umno pon hilang ramai ahli...pru14 umno tidak boleh harap bantuan pas lagi...

  3. Kenapa blog2 mesra PH menyiarkan gambar2 ceramah DAP waktu PRU13, seolah2 itu gambar di Langkawi semasa pengumuman Tun M semalam? Sedih lihat Tun dipergunakan. Dia tak ingat pun nama org2 yg diatas pentas bersama sama beliau. Tolonglah biarkan Tun berehat gracefully. Tolonglah....

  4. *Riza Admits He Stole 1MDB Money - Pays US$60 Million!*
    7 March 2018

    In the alternative reality known as Malaysia, the Prime Minister and Government continue to insist that no money was taken from 1MDB and that there was no wrong-doing whatsoever.
    Meanwhile, over in the United States the wheels of justice have been cranking on and today Najib’s own step-son Riza Aziz admitted to his guilt by settling the Department Of Justice’s asset seizure demands. He has agreed to hand over US$60 million from the company he owns, Red Granite Productions, which made Wolf of Wall Street .
    That asset seizure was based on an FBI investigation, which showed that the film and others had been funded by money laundered in the United States, which were the proceeds of crime, namely theft from 1MDB. Criminal proceedings will follow and Riza Aziz is named as one of those under investigation.
    So, there we have it. The Prime Minister of Malaysia denies it, yet his step-son has admitted it …. and paid up.
    Den of Corrupt Practice
    Thieves protecting your home?
    Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Australia is also reeling at the evidence of high level corruption, again being totally excused and ignored by the powers that be in Malaysia.
    Papers down under are full today of the story of Malaysia’s head of CID who has decided to surrender up the equivalent of RM1 million seized by the Australian police, again on the grounds of money laundering of the proceeds of corruption, rather than to attempt to contest the matter in court.
    And what has happened to the man in charge of policing high level organised crime in Malaysia, who dares not challenge these accusations against him? As with 1MDB the Malaysian Government and the Inspector General of Police are choosing to believe a cock and bull story that he thinks it would be “too expensive” to claim his RM1 million back!
    This is the man in CHARGE of PREVENTING crime in Malaysia!
    How many other cops in the world could afford to kiss goodbye to RM1 million with such a shrug and to ignore the blow to their reputations in the process?
    All is not well in the State of Malaysia and Malaysians and under such circumstances nothing can be assumed safe or sacred. If Malaysians vote to retain such leadership (or are rigged into appearing to do so) then not a single one of their possessions will remain safe from the criminals in charge.
    With the 30 months imprisonment of Rafizi, one of the brightest lawmakers of M'sian Parliament who whistleblowed exposing abuse of taxpayers fund, now lost by virtue of his disqualification in the next GE. A heavy sacrifice paid by him for the nation to be apart from his wife and child in his early years. Is this justice well served whilst the real perpetrators of the injustice to the nation and stealing of 250 million be left alone. What kind of nation is this? Are we not ashame of ourselves being Malaysians? Such injustice now calls for action for all M'sians to reverse this nonsensical treatment at the ballot box. Viral this by sending to at least 10 persons in your contact list. This is to represent an online demonstration for the government to take notice.

    Hanna Yeoh

    I just did.

  5. Mari sama jatuhkan penjenayah2 dan cabal pembelit2 umnobnpas demi SELAMATKAN MALAYSIA.
    Usah fikur susah2, PRU14 nnt UNDILAH BIJI MATA,